The Teacher>>

"It is difficult to find a single magician on the planet who has not been influenced in some way by Jay's magic or showmanship."– Richard Sanders

"Jay Sankey has one of the biggest followings in the world of magic. He is still fresh and original after many years at the top"– Magicseen UK

"Jay has been an inspiration to an entire generation of magicians including myself."– Wayne Houchin

"Between his passion for magic, his passion for his students, and his amazing creativity, Jay is one of, if not THE best, teachers in magic."– Jeff Stone

"After buying your DVDs and getting in some much needed practice, I'm developing the lost confidence I once had. Thanks for your amazing products!"– Matthew St Cyr

"I have learned more from Jay in the last couple years than I learned from Mark Wilson, Henning, Copperfield, Ammar and any other magician combined."– Doug Working

"Thank you for everything Jay, you are a great teacher and a master in the art of magic!"– Niek D.

"The best part is that Jay shares his knowledge in a very humble manner, as opposed to a 'look at me, aren't I great attitude."– Kevin F. Edwards

"Jay has helped my career more than any other individual. I've learned more than I ever thought possible."– Steven Belcher

"I don't know where else I could find such detailed explanations. You constantly offer up subtleties that I doubt many others could offer."– Dave Haller

"I always feel that he is committed to explaining and demonstrating an effect such that it will hit the audience HARD and get the best possible reactions."– Brent Conrad

"Jay single-handedly changed my magic life. His ability to make handlings and executions of maneuvers understandable is nothing short of incredible."– Adam Riley

"Even though the years go by, Jay continues to be one of magic's most original creators and best instructors."– Shaun Franks

"Jay is extremely fun to learn with. He makes me laugh and want to listen to every word he is about to say."– John Jansky

"He is one of the best magic teachers in the industry. He creates practical magic and teaches very well!"– Eric Simmatis

"Jay always addresses every aspect of the trick. All the angles, all the pitfalls, all the dialogue."– Jacob Ames

"I also love the outside thinking you present with every offering. Keep being amazing."– Aaron Moring

The Creator>>

"Jay's magic is as good as the magic anyone has ever created."– Paul Harris

"One of the most creative magicians alive today."– Genii Magazine

"Jay Sankey has established a strong reputation as one of the top creators of innovative close-up magic."– Max Maven

"Jay will go down in history as one of the funniest, ground breaking, and most creative magicians of all time."– Nathan Kranzo

"Jay's bar-raising efforts have helped produce a generation of magicians with higher expectations."– David Acer

"Jay's show is a series of moments. Funny moments, mysterious moments, quiet moments. Jay's magic is often good, and very often great."– Joshua Jay

"It is simply amazing how you can come up with these amazing effects all of the time! Thank you for keeping the magic scene fresh and for sharing it with people that want to learn."– Trevor Elder

"Jay continues to carve a new path for himself and for others. His fingerprints are everywhere"– David Peck

The Performer>>

"Sankey is the Next Big Thing."– Shift Magazine

"One of the most creative magicians alive today."– Genii Magazine

"Jay's great talent for physical work, combined with his off-beat material, make for tremendous results"– Eye Magazine

"Jay has become one of the most innovative and successful workers of the decade"– Magical Arts Journal

"Jay had me howling with laughter"– Mix Radio 96

"Jay's unerring professionalism made our feature a pleasure to shoot"– Alex Amini, CBC Toronto

"A fascinating magical entertainer!"– Montreal Gazette

"Jay performed his magic right under our noses, only to have us walk away shaking our heads in disbelief"– Cindy McNichol

"The rave reviews continue to pour in"– Robert Brown, Bob Brown & Company

"Jay holds and molds his audience pretty much to his own liking"– Linking Ring Magazine

"Jay makes everything he does a form of irrepressible, uncensored performance art."– Jon Racherbaumer

"It was our most successful trade show ever. This man earns his entire fee with his first performance"– Nick Laundry, Chesterton International

"A sleight-of-hand magician of the very highest order."– Hour Magazine

"I was shocked because of his success and notoriety to find him so down to earth. Jay extremely appreciative of what he has and who he has become."– Mike Skutt

"Our booth was one of the most popular locations at the trade show. We will definitely be booking Jay for next year."– Ryan Talbot, Panasonic

"Sankey is a fresh comic mind, boldly experimental."– Toronto Star

"It's been months, but my staff and our clients are STILL talking about his magic. Truly incredible!"– Richard Mells, Chrysler – Canada

"Jay is real smart, real creative, real funny and a real inspiration to magicians all over the planet."– Marty Blake

"Jay's performances were highly entertaining and extremely refreshing"– Jean-Pierre Garnier, Club Med Ltd.

"Very funny and very different."– CFNY